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Ayate Washcloth, 1 Washcloth by Flower Valley

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Ayate Washcloth, 1 Washcloth by Flower Valley

Ayate Washcloth, 1 Washcloth by Flower Valley

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      • Manufacturer: Flower Valley

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"Hand-Woven in Mexico Excellent Exfoliator! 100% Natural Agave Fiber For Beautiful Skin! Agave Ayate's Unique Qualities Restores, stimulates skin to smooth invigorating freshness Long-lasting, quick drying Better than a loofa - resists mold Useful in the kitchen - efficient mar-free utility cloth Made from agave (century plant) Hand woven Imported from Mexico Soaked in water, natural fibers expand; weave tightens like magic HANDWASH ONLY From An Ancient Tradition The native term ""ayate"" describes loose-woven products such as nets, bags, and various cloths from the agave or century plant. As part of a living tradition that reaches back over 10,000 years, the styles and techniques for these artifacts are as old as Mesoamerican culture itself. Cultivated in Mexico, the agave not only inspired the beginnings of agriculture, it was the well-spring of religion. The plant provided both needle and thread, fabric, furniture, baskets, mats, blankets, brushes, bridles, paper, soap, shelter, food, candy, drink and medicine. Little wonder then that the Aztecs venerated the agave and personified it as the goddess Mayahuel. From the hands of a native people and the heart of a sacred tradition, the quality and value of the ayate has endured and will survive well into the future. Try it and you'll see."

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